Monday, December 28, 2009

70 Stony Creek Tiles!

I have started to work in the pottery after my holiday break with family and friends. I'm making seventy tiles which will be glazed in the Stony Creek glaze and will be in the top part of our shower in the house. Today, I made about 75 to 80 tiles by extruding the clay and cutting the clay with a pizza cutter. The tiles will become 4 x 4 once they are dried and fired.  I make extra pieces with each project, in case they do not make it through the entire process (breakage, cut funny, glaze does not come out correct, etc.).

I have them now drying on sheet rock boards with a brick on top to keep them flat.  The cold of my studio will slow the drying process.  Patience during this drying time and then on to the next step.

What is Stony Creek?  Stony Creek is a section of Branford, Connecticut where there is a granite quarry.  The pink granite that is mined is widely used, for example at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty and in many office buildings, especially in New York City.  I take the sand from the mine (the grindings from them cutting the granite) and grind it up further in a jar mill.  I then apply it to my pottery by adding some water and using a brush.  The color comes out a pretty ocean blue when applied thick and celadon green when applied thin.

The two photos are Stony Creek glazed tiles and a vase.  I will keep you updated on the progress of the tiles.  David