Friday, April 23, 2010

One Week until Show Time!

Gina has been working on the gallery for me.  She has painted all the cubes and is starting to clean and set-up the show.  This is a huge job and Gina makes it look easy. 

The piece in this picture above is a tray with leaves pressed into it.  The sun is hitting the cube and tray nicely.

Gina has the right wall completed and looking nice.  She has mostly chattered pieces with different glazes on them with my blue glazed pots.  This will all change throughout the prep work for the show and during the show, too.  Actually, Gina will move the pieces around prior to the show and agin between Saturday and Sunday of the show.

In this photo, she has the stoney creek granite glaze on the bottom cube.  She has a lamp and mostly the yellow glaze and some wood ash glaze on the upper cube.

Gina will be leaving later today to participate in Relay for Life at Quinnipiac University with her graduate team of students.  There will be approximately 1,000 plus students in the Recreation Center tonight to raise money for cancer research.  Go Grads!  Go Gina!!

I'm downstairs glazing away for the last kiln. It is my hope to have everything glazed by Saturday and loaded into the gas kiln by Sunday evening.  Then, on Monday, I will fire the kiln all day long to have 100 plus new pieces for the show next weekend.

We both look forward to seeing you on May 1st and May 2nd!           

David and Gina