Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mugi Weekend...

On Saturday, we had a group of New York City students from Mugi Studio ( and Gallery (and one student from the YWCA) come up for a day of glazing with my glazes and their pieces that were bisqued.  Some of the glazed pieces are above on the table waiting to go into the gas kiln.  I will fire the pieces early this week.  Outi (their teacher) will pick up the pieces next weekend to return to the students during their normal class in NYC.  Some of the students were new and others have been here before with Mugi or the YWCA in New York City. 

As you can see there was much cleaning and preparing for the students.  The buckets of glazes (38 total) at this time are all labeled with duct tape on top with the name of the glaze (some of the buckets and tiles are below in the photo).  In addition, there were test tiles with all of the glazes for the students to know what the glaze should look like on their pieces.  In addition, there were stains to add and ashes.

 Today, I will finish filling the kiln with my pieces (see photo below with all of the Mugi pieces in) and Gina will help me brick up the door.  It is my hope to fire the kiln on Monday or Tuesday to give enough time for the cooling phase.  I will keep posting updates of the firing for everyone to follow.

Have a great day!