Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Views from this Past Weekend with Mugi students...

These photos are from students who were here last weekend with Mugi Studio.  They took some fun and interesting photos! 

This photo to the left is a vase (tea dust and silverton mountain blue glazes) taken through the window of the gallery.  In addition, this same vase can be found in the wedding photos!  Yes, it was in Hudson, New York in the wedding the weekend prior to the Mugi weekend.

MacKenzie (green t-shirt and outside photo) is a junior in art school and has been interning/assisting David with the pottery for about a month.  She was very helpful in carrying the pots to the kiln after they have dried on the table.    Thank you, MacKenzie!  The other two women are students from Mugi Studio.

The photos is the start of loading the kiln.   The last photo is a picture of the studio and gallery.

Thank you for sharing everyone!  We had a great weekend with you.  David and Gina