Sunday, July 11, 2010

One, Two, Three...The Kiln is Loaded


Today, took us (Gina and I) a long time to start loading and actually get everything into the kiln.  We manage to get more in than we thought we could.

I first made sure the shelves where clean of which some of the shelves needed to be kiln washed.  We then started to load in the heat.  Gina got the fan from the throwing room and set it up to give us some air.  We kept the air conditioner on in the throwing room for us to take a break from time-to-time.

In this picture, you can see my yellow knee pad and green rug to help protect my legs.  Most of this section of the kiln are orders for different customers.


Yes, you see three sinks, more plates and bowls in this section.  In addition, on the top shelf is my new design of an oil server next to the sink.  The sinks were really hard to put in and took a lot of time to put everything in safely.  The bottom sink was actually out for the loading and then we added it back in after we had the rest of the stack done.

All three sinks are on order with two customers.  The sink in the center will be going to California.  This sink is similiar to the sink that is broken (by a contractor with a hammer!) in the gallery that holds the door open.  The other two sinks will be going to Brandford.  They both have stoney creek granite on the lip.


Yah!!!  We are done with loading the kiln.  The other two oil servers are on the bottom shelf and the next shelf up.  Yes, there are more plates, bowls, and cups.

We started around 9:00 am and finished around 4:00 pm.  We then bricked up the door and started the burners.  The kiln is warming up for the evening!

I will be firing the kiln tomorrow.  I should be able to open the kiln on Thursday.

Have a great week everyone!

David and Gina