Saturday, November 13, 2010

Setting up the Show

Gina helped me get the gallery looking like a gallery today.  I unwrapped and inventoried all the pieces back from Mugi Studio and Gallery.  Gina organized and started to get the displays looking really nice.  We have several wonderful pieces for the opening next weekend.  Gina had me put the wires on the back of the platters and they are hanging on the wall.  In addition, we have several pieces on the beams.  Here are some photos from tonight before we gave up for the evening.

We have more work tomorrow - vacuuming and dusting all the pieces.  My job will be to make sure all the pieces are priced.  I believe we will easily open with more than 500 pieces and more packed waiting to be out during the three weekends.

We hope you enjoyed the great weather today!

David and Gina, too