Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow, Ice, Rain and Cold.... I'm trying to get back to work!

So, we have had one storm after another and we are expected to have another one today.  We had big flakes of snow and now the rain has just started.  The tempature is actually 38 degrees and feels nice outside.  Let's hope everything is still standing after this storm (and the next two which are scheduled to come, too).  Yes, we have had someone clear the barn roofs and the garage roof.  Time will only tell.  Let's hope for the best!  At least, Mia has enjoyed the cold and most of the snow...

Upcoming Events:  Wesleyan Potters
I have two workshops at Wesleyan Potters.  The first workshop will be this Friday, February 11th and the second workshop will be Friday, February 18th.  Both workshops will be on decoration of your pieces.  I encourage everyone to bring at least six (6) bisqued pieces with them to the workshop.  As you can see from the picture (above), I have my pieces bisqued and ready for the workshops.

Back to Work!
I have a kiln load almost ready to glaze and then fire (see photo above).  I'm still throwing a few more items - because, both Gina and I believe we do not have enough (see photos below).  What do you think?

Stay Warm and Be Safe.  Below are some pictures of the farm taken today.