Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lunch Time...

We are in the house warming up with soup and sandwiches for lunch.  Gina has started the wood stove to warm up the house and the dog is asleep near the wood stove.

We were able to load 2/3rds of the kiln this morning and have some very large pieces for the last 1/3rd.

These two pictures show the miniature cup with the over sized mug (photo on left)! 

The miniature cup by itself.  The miniature cup is made with a pencil.

Yes, they are both glazed and will be fired in this kiln.

This picture shows the bricks that I use for shelf support.  I had set these two bricks up to show Gina what size of pieces I needed to start loading the kiln.  I believe, she gave me bowls to go into this shelf.  The brick on the bottom is 4 1/2 inches and the brick on top is another inch.  The black brick is from a broken kiln shelf. 

Have a great Sunday afternoon!