Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some more repairs...

I spent most of the day on Friday working on the electric kiln which found one of the elements burnt out.  The others were in need of being replaced.  The replacement parts that I had were about 10 years old...and I was short one part.  I spoke to someone in Seattle, Washington and he was able to refer me to someone in Massachusetts that I was able to orwas able to order the part from someone in Massachusetts.  I should have the part in a few days.

Additionally, I fixed the plumbing in the glaze room on Saturday.  That was easy job after I got the new part and a new tool to install the part with.

Gina and I priced and packed six more boxes of pots up for the Mugi show that will take place on Friday in New York City.  Outi will be stopping by today to pick-up the boxes.  We will also take a few more boxes to New York City when we go down on Friday.  The opening reception is Friday, October 15th from 6pm - 9pm.  Hope to see you there!  The address is:  Mugi Studio, 993 Amsterdam Avenue @ 109th Street, New York City, NY.  The phone number is 212.866.6202.  Website:

I'm off to sand and wax this morning!  Enjoy the great fall weather.