Saturday, August 28, 2010

Creature Love Letters....

Below you find two notes written to Lucy Frank to thank her for the Creatures (see blog entry below) from her friends.

“I adore my little magical fish-piggy, which has joined a certain woodpecker on my noise-making shelf. When I said I, too, collect folk instruments, what I really meant was that I collect noise making instruments. The noises they make isn't music, or is only sort-of music. So I have a train whistle, a slide whistle, a weird canister that makes sounds like thunder and bad weather, a gourd you blow into, a Chinese thing that whirls, and stuff too hard to describe. Thank you so much, Lucy, for adding to this odd but much prized collection.”

“I am looking right now at my funny little--hmmm--piggy-aardvark-sort-of-a-stegosaurus whistle (with the wonderful toes and googly eyes and wing-ears)--a stedvarkapig? Or is he more of a stedvarkapossum? I am crazy about him, anyhow, whatever he is--and I'm pretty sure he's a he, though I have no idea why. Please tell David what a hit ALL his work was. (The three apples are still lined up neatly on his beautiful little tray.Tres magnifique!)”

Lucy, thank you for sharing these wonderful notes with us. 
It is my hope that we (Gina and I) start to load the kiln today.