Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Story about the Cone Packs....

Cone Pack on Shelf in top front of Kiln.

So, I loaded the kiln yesterday and this morning with Gina.  It is now warming up and it is my hope to get early tomorrow and fire the kiln.  The goal is to beat the heat!!!  The weather is going to be hot (90 degrees or more), again.  The kiln shed will be much hotter to deal with...

Cone Pack that was in the last Kiln. 

The story about the cone packs and why there are three packs placed in each gas kiln.  They are cones 010, 1 and 5 for body reduction and copper reds (they are blue and two brown cones in the picture).  When these three cones melt they melt into the clay holder and disappear.  Cones 8, 9, 10 and 11 are  for final melting/temperature in the kiln (they are yellow, white, pink and blue).  These cones will curve over from the heat and it is my hope to have 10 down and 11 still standing which is what my glazes prefer.

Peep Hole - I watch the cone pack during the firing through this hole.

The cones are located in the bottom front, top front and bottom back. The cones are viewed through peep holes in my door that I brick up and in a hole from the back of the kiln.  I keep a brick in it when not viewing.

Brick in Peep Hole.

The kiln door is bricked up every time there is a firing.  The bricks are stacked within the kiln shed to stay dry when not being used.  The door is double bricked (two layers).

Bricks on the side of the shed.

Stay cool during our newest heat wave!