Friday, August 13, 2010

Katie's Home and Helping Me in the Studio!

Yes, that is right...Katie is home and has been helping me in the studio.  She has sanded and waxed all of my pieces for me.  Here are few photos of her working away earlier today.  It has been wonderful to have her home and helping me out.  Thank you, Katie!

I have been working on making some new designs.  I have enjoyed learning how to make handles and want to add more shapes and sizes to the handles.  Today, I made a berry bowl (squared bowl with two triangle like things on the lip to add the handles) that will have a handle (see picture below).  In addition, I made a bucket with two pulled handles on each side.  It is my hope to add a handle to the two pulled handles (sorry, no picture of this piece).  

I'm working away...